Staff furniture

Staff furniture is individual and versatile. It offers a great deal of flexibility and can be adjusted according to everyones duties. With such furniture an inner space can be used effectively according various office tasks.
With different desk shapes and user's adjustments everyone can get the best workplace which is appropriate to his/her height and way of working. Workstations can be easily combined in groups to encourage team working.

Multifunctional, reliable office chairs are comfortable and they provide support for all tasks. This meets to up-to date ergonomic standards and helps to keep optimum health and work ability of employees.

Extensive range of storage furniture contains many advanced solutions that meet contemporary demands. Storage systems include many innovative solutions that make work easier and more efficient.

Staff furnitureThe extensive range of accessories makes it easy to tailor workplaces to the users, their tasks and environment.

Individual office solution can be achieved with a great choice of using materials and wide colors map.


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